About Us


It’s been said that a book can’t change the world on its own, however, it can inspire readers. And readers? They can change the world.

Why books?

Because books equal joy, off course. But also, for a bigger imagination, a better comprehension, and a brighter future for all children. The advantages of storybooks and reading are endless.

Why personalised books?

We love the idea of combining the power of a story with the power of a name. Something unique happens inside your brain when you hear your own name. Imagine the wonder when a child’s name is used to affirm, encourage, and inspire. We believe this is exactly what happens when a child recognizes their name and features on the cover of a beautiful storybook. It creates a sense of love, inclusion, representation and belonging. Furthermore, we believe it encourages a love for books and reading.

“Words have meaning, and names have power!”

What can you expect from our books?

Our books are filled with original, fun and uplifting storylines. The colorful illustrations are a work of art from the first page to the last. To ensure accurate spelling and grammar, our books are reviewed by a professional language expert. Last, but definitely not least, our products are proudly South-African.

More about the printing process

We print orders weekly, usually Tuesday mornings. We receive the books back within 5-6 business days. After completing a quality check, orders are packed and sent off for delivery. Delivery takes roughly 2-5 business days depending on location (we are based in Pretoria). 

Please note, this process is subject to change, to find out more please send us an email at info@mystories.co.za.