Our Story


An exciting, unexpected adventure of two sisters in law.

Our Designer and co-founder: Cené

Born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia, Cené has always cherished a deep love for books and reading. She now works as a full-time graphic designer and business owner. Cenés’ son, Marthinus, was part of the inspiration behind the start of MyStories.

“Early in 2020, Mariana wrote a story specifically for Marthinus. Being the main character, he identified with the story so much. After having to read it to him at least a hundred times, I knew this is a very special concept.”

Our Writer and co-founder: Mariana

As a little girl Mariana used to write her own stories and read them out loud to her sisters. She always dreamt of publishing a children's book. After a few years of working as a midwife and then in clinical research, the day finally came.

“Children, imagination, and original stories are very close to my heart. What I love most about creating personalised storybooks, is to see how children's faces lit up as they realize that the book is about them.”