Safari Adventure


Sneak peak...

Early in the morning as the first birds chirp high up in the trees at the game park, Myra sits up straight in the tent.

She grabs her pen and checklist. The only animal she still needs to tick off is a bushbaby. If her list is complete, she will win the rangers’ camp competition, and with that a bag of delicious marshmallows.

More than that, Myra loves animals and seeing a bushbaby will make her heart very happy. 

“I am going to search for that bushbaby till I find it!”

Myra says determinedly. She licks her lips as she thinks of tonight’s marshmallow-braai.

Eventually Myra leaves for the morning drive on the rangers’ Landrover.

They stop for breakfast next to a beautiful river.

Myra hears:


“Maybe a bushbaby is hiding behind the bush?” Myra thinks. Slowly she walks closer and peeks around the bush. What does she find there?