The Red Balloon

Sneak peak...

Nino and Levi enjoy every moment of their bush excursion with Steve the field guide. Everybody calls him Ranger Steve. He teaches children all over the world to take good care of nature.

Finally, after a day full of important lessons, Ranger Steve asks excitedly, “Who is ready for a fun game drive adventure?”

“We are! We are!” shout Nino, Levi and all the other friends.

“Good, go get your backpacks and remember to leave all items that can pollute the bush, at home,” says Ranger Steve.

 Nino’s backpack looks very full.

Ranger Steve pulls the yellow Land Rover closer and everybody jumps in. “Ready?” Ranger Steve asks. He whistles loudly and off they go.     

After the first turn Levi asks,

“Nino, why does your backpack look so round?”

“SHHHHHT,” says Nino.

Then he carefully opens the backpack just a little so Levi can peek inside. “Oh, you brought the pretty red balloon we got at the restaurant on our way to the game park,” Levi whispers cheerfully.

In the meantime, Ranger Steve stops to show them an oryx close to the road. But Nino forgot to close his backpack properly, and all of a sudden, a wild west wind starts blowing and...


a gust of wind blows the balloon right out of the backpack!

“OH NO!” shout Nino and Levi together. 

While Ranger Steve is still busy teaching everybody how oryx use their horns, Nino and Levi jump WHOOP WHOOP off the back of the Land Rover.