Where is Hadeda's Laugh


Sneak peak...


calls grandma cheerfully through the farm kitchen window.

“The weather is perfect for a picnic in the yard this afternoon.  Do you want to help me bake a delicious chocolate berry cake for you and grandpa?” she asks. “Okey-dokey!” replies Joshua full of excitement while he unpacks the ingredients on the table.

“But where are the eggs, berries and milk?” Joshua asks.

“Oh my,” says grandma worried.

“Don’t worry grandma, this is a problem I can solve in a jiffy,” Joshua says with a smile so wide, grandma bursts out laughing. He reaches up high and grabs a bucket and basket from the kitchen cupboard.

On his way to the chicken coop, Joshua spots a sad and lonely hadeda on a branch.

Concerned, Joshua asks, “What is wrong hadeda? Why do you look so sad?”

“Oh!” the hadeda sighs miserably. “My name is Henry the hadeda, and I am sad because I lost my laugh. I can’t remember how to laugh anymore. If I don’t find my laugh soon, I will lose my yard too.”


Joshua asks with a confused frown.

“Every afternoon all the hadedas gather in the big old yard,” explains Henry. “We tell each other the funniest stories we encountered during the day, then everyone laughs together:


Everyone except me, because my laugh is missing,” says Henry. “The other hadedas said that if I remain so gloomy, they are going to chase me off the yard. This afternoon is my last chance to join in the laughter.”

Joshua feels very sorry for this sad hadeda. “Let’s go find your laugh!” he suggests. “I am on my way to the chicken coop next, maybe your laugh is hiding over there.”